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Girls Skills Clinic

Intense 1-2 hour sessions filled with drills designed to challenge and educate female basketball players.  

1 Package currently being offered

Monday / Wednesday nights 

@ Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart (Duchesne Campus)

Individual Lessons


$100.00 / hour with Allison


Get the one-on-one attention for a full 60 minutes.  In this package we will fine-tune each area of need and break down any skills requiring extra attention.


**Package Deal - Buy 10 PrePaid Lessons at $850.00 for discount of $15.00 per lesson. 

$75.00 / hour with your pick from our team of trainers

Group Lessons


$75.00 each - two players


$60.00 each - three players


$45.00 each - four players or more

Team Lessons


$250.00 an hour. 

Dr. Dish Shooting Machine

No rebounder?  No problem.  The Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine is the top of the line in the market today.  Get 100's and even 1,000's of shots up in as little as an hour's worth of time.

Rental prices:

           15 min - $20.00                 45 min - $50.00


           30 min - $35.00                60 min - $65.00

3 on 3 Sessions

30 minute drill work followed by 60 minutes of controlled 3 on 3 games.  Players learn proper spacing and are able to incorporate drill work into game type situations.  $25 a player.  Time and location vary weekly.  Contact me for more information.

Boys & Girls groups available, Middle school through college sessions.


Shooting Clinic

$30 per player. 
Follow @abhoops_miami on instagram for any changes to schedule.  Discounted packages available. 
Monday nights @ Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart (Duchesne Campus)
*please note the size of ball - all girls play with 28.5 and boys up to 6th grade.  Boys 7th grade and older play with 29.5 size ball